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Safe, Effective, Quality

Clarity TMS uses FDA cleared NeuroStar TMS devices employed by major universities and treatment centers in the United States and other countries. This is not an experimental procedure. Thousands of people have experienced total relief from depression symptoms in the last five years. The magnetic that generates the energy beam is like MRI imaging.  More>>

Simple, Easy to Use

After a thorough neuropsychiatric examination, a series of sessions are scheduled. Each session is about 40 minutes during which there is no pain at all other than occasional scalp sensations. Soon after treatments start, many patients describe improved sleep, clarity of thought and their mood steadily improves.  More>>

Compatible with Medication and Psychotherapy

While many people find they don’t need as many medications, and some stop them all together, Clarity treatments won’t interfere with psychiatric methods. Clarity treatments can facilitate psychotherapy because with better neurological function, information can be better processed and progress can pick up where it stopped.  More>>